Clash N Slash


Keep firing and save your planet


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Clash N Slash is a really fun arcade game that gives you absolutely no rest. Clash’ N Slash is a must have if you are a fan of the classic spaceship games.

The objective of Clash’ N Slash is to avoid the destruction of your planet and to do so you won't be able to stop firing because you'll have no time to rest.

You'll have in your hands a powerful spaceship and a really huge armor.

Gameplay is not difficult to get used to, and maybe that'’s one of the reasons which makes Clash N Slash a terribly addictive game. In the center of the screen you'll see your planet which is being invaded by hundreds and hundreds of aliens surrounding it on all sides. You pilot your spaceship surrounding your planet trying to keep them from reaching your planet.

Step by step you'll achieve prizes and earn more arms and ammo, so your spaceship can gain more power. Your ship will need to adapt and evolve because this fight will be hard to win.
By Álvaro Toledo

It requires Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or higher.


The trial version doesn’'t offer al levels.

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